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Topic 1 | Place Value etc

Topic 2 | Ordering Numbers

Topic 3 | Rounding Numbers

Topic 4 | Polygons

Topic 5 | Quadrilaterals

Place Value .

Place value means that each digit within a number represents a value depending on its position. For example, in the number 452, the digit 2 would represent 2 units, the 5 would represent 5 tens (or 50) and the 4 would represent 4 hundreds (400).

Moving from right to left, each digit is 10 times larger, or from left to right, each digit in 10 times smaller. This is also true for decimal numbers

in order to work out which value represents what, we can use a place value chart.

    1.Express the following number of figures 
      a) Four thousand, two hundred and
    b)Eleven point three

      1. 2)  From the following set of number, identify and put a circle around the largest number and a square around the smallest number.

         a)   3, 2.12, 0.03, 0.4,0.04, 4, 4.12.

          b)   2, 13.4, 14.02, 15.6,4.12, 0.142
      3)  What is the value of the number q in each of these set of numbers ?

      a)    14923    

      b)    1690        
      c)    14.9        

        1.       6294 

             Largest number :

              Smallest number :

          4)  Use the following four number make the smallest and largest number you can.

        5)  Joe claims that he owns three thousand and thirty-five pairs of cards.

          • Bilal claims that he owned three thousand and forty-two pairs of cards.

            Who how more of cards?
            Tick the correct box.

                Joe        Bilal

          c)  in figures, write down the largest number of cards.

          1 2 3 4 5 6  

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