Trends in Energy Resource Use


  • over the 20th century, electricity use has appliances and being more careful with energy use increased hugely as appliances and being more careful with energy use population grew and technology appliances and being more careful with energy use advanced so more need for electricity.
  • Beginning of 21st century = electricity use has been decreasing = getting better at making efficient efficient appliances and being more careful with energy use
  • Most energy produced from fossil fuels and nuclear power
  • Burning fossil fuels also used to fuel cars,heat homes and cook food
  • Trying toincrease the use of renewable energy resources
  • Better to use renewable energy resources more now as non-renewable energy resources will run out soon
  • pressure from other countries and public= governments begun to introduce new targets for using renewable energy = puts pressure on energy providers to make plants which use renewable energy resources = they don’tlose business and money
  • Electric cars and hybrids (powered by two fuels) are increasing in popularity
  • Lots of scientific evidence that renewables are good for the environment, but it is hard to make people and companies change their behaviour
  • Building new power plants will cost money. Cost of switching to renewable power will have to be paid either by customer (in bills) or by government (in taxes)
  • Arguments as to where to build new power plants = people may not want to live next to wind farms which causes protests. Is it ethical to make people live next to wind farms when they don’t agree with their use?
  • Some renewable energy resources aren’t as reliable as fossil fuels. Some can’t increase their power supplies to meet energy demands = must use combinations of different power plants which is expensive .
  • Improving reliability and cost of renewables = takes time and money
  • Personal changes are also expensive.

How long have you…? (present perfect 4) Exercises




Use the information given to create questions beginning with ‘How long…?’

• It is snowing.

• The weather is shining.

• John and Kate are married.

• My brother has gone on holiday.

• My aunty and uncle live in Canada.

• My sister is a teacher.

• I work at the chemist.

• I’ve known Susan since I was a baby.

• Jonathan is learning to speak to Mandarin.




Fill in the missing gaps in the sentences using the present perfect (=has/have + past participle)

• I have known Kate a long time.

• My brother has been playing the piano he was 11 years old.

• My mum and dad on holiday to America. They

gone since last Sunday.

• I Ben and Emma since primary school.

We to the same primary and secondary school.

• My sister learning to speak French because she
is going to France next month.



Use the appropriate words in the missing gaps.

have you lived       lives      to

has been       works        have known

I have bought       have worked.

• My sister in Spain. She is studying Spanish

with her friend Rosie. I Rosie since I was 5.

• Spencer like with Jamie. They have worked

together for 2 years.

• How long in Australia?

• a new dress for prom.

• He to Thorpe park.



Challenge: Create 4 of your own questions beginning with ‘How long……?’








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