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Table of Contents

Week 1 | English Grammar

Day 1| Auxiliary verbs

Day 2 |Am/is/are

Day 3 |Am/is/are Questions

Day 4 |I am doing (present continuous)

Day 5 |Are you doing? (present continuous questions)

Day 6 |I do/work/like (present simple)(present continuous questions)

Week 2 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I don't... (present simple negative)

Day 2 |Do you...? (present simple questions)

Day 3 |I am doing (present continuous) I do (present simple)

Day 4 |I have... and I've got...

Day 5 |Was/were

Day 6 |Worked/got/went etc (past simple)

Week 3 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I didn't... did you...? (past simple negative and questions)

Day 2 |I was doing (past continuous)

Day 3 |I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple)

Day 4 |I have done (present perfect 1)

Day 5 |I've just... I've already... I haven't...yet (present perfect 2)

Day 6 |Have you ever...? (present perfect 3)

Week 4| English Grammar

Day 1 |How long have you...? (present perfect 4)

Day 2 |For, since, ago

Day 3 |I have done (present perfect) and I did (past)

Day 4 |Is done, was done (passive 1)

Day 5 |Is being done, has been done (passive 2)

Day 6 |Be/have/do in present and past tenses

Week 5| English Grammar

Day 1 |Regular and irregular verbs

Day 2 |What are you doing tomorrow?

Day 3 |I'm going to...

Day 4 |Will/shall (1)

Day 5 |Will/shall (2)

Day 6 |Might

Week 6| English Grammar

Day 1 |Can and could

Day 2 |Must, mustn't, don't, need to

Day 3 |Should

Day 4 |I have to

Day 5 |Would you like...?

Day 6 |Do this! Don't do that! Let's do that

Week 7| English Grammar

Day 1 |I used to...

Day 2 |There is... There are...

Day 3 |There was/were... There has/have been... There will be...

Day 4 |It...

Day 5 |I am, I don't

Day 6 |Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc

Week 8| English Grammar

Day 1 |Too/either/so am I/neither do I etc

Day 2 |Isn't/haven't/don't etc (negatives)

Day 3 |Do they? Is it? Have you?

Day 4 |Forming questions (who/what/why/where/when/which)

Day 5 |What...? Which...? How...?

Day 6 |How long does it take...?

Week 9| English Grammar

Day 1 |Do you know where...? I don't know what... etc

Day 2 |He/she said that... He/she told me that...

Day 3 |Work/working Go/going Do/doing

Day 4 |I want you to... I told you to...

Day 5 |I went to the shop to...

Day 6 |Go to... Go on... Go for... Go -ing... Get…

Week 10| English Grammar

Day 1 |Get...

Day 2 |Do and make

Day 3 |Have...

Day 4 |I/me He/him They/them etc

Day 5 |My/his/their etc

Day 6 |Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc

Week 11| English Grammar

Day 1 |Myself/yourself/themselves etc

Day 2 |A/an...

Day 3 |Singular & plural

Day 4 |The...

Day 5 |Go to...

Day 6 |This/that/these/those

Week 12| English Grammar

Day 1 |Some & any

Day 2 |All/most/some/any/no/none etc

Day 3 |Adjectives

Day 4 |Adverbs

Day 5 |Imperatives

Day 6 |And but or so because

Week 13| English Grammar

Day 1 |When...

Day 2 |If we go... if you see... etc

Day 3 |If I had... If we went... etc

Day 4 |A person who... A thing that/which (relative clauses 1)

Day 5 |How long have you…?(present perfect 4)

Day 6 |For since ago

From…to, until, since, for

From… to

  • We lived in London from 1996 to 2001.
  • I work from Monday to Thursday.
  • I have to babysit from Friday night to Monday morning.
  • I have to drop the kids off to school from Monday to Friday.

Instead of saying ‘to‘ we can say ‘until

From… until


  • We lived in London from 1996 until 2001.



  • My grandma has gone on holiday until August.
  • It is going to be rainy until the end of Spring.
  • I stayed awake until 3 in the morning.
  • I slept until 2pm.
  • I watched television until 4:30.
  • The kids are staying at my sister’s house until Saturday.
  • Wait here until I come back.

Instead of saying ‘until‘ we can say ‘till


  • Wait here till come back.
  • I watched television till 4:30.


How long will you be on holiday?                          …Until Friday the 15th of March.

When are you coming back on holiday?               …On Friday the 15th of March.



When we use since, after we say a time in the past

We use since after the present perfect (have been/have done etc)


I’ve been ill since Monday. (the time in the past is Monday)

  • Emma has been in hospital since last Friday.
  • My mum and dad have been married since 1978.
  • It’s been snowing since Monday.
  • I’ve been waiting for Josh since 3:30.
  • She’s been sleeping since midnight.
  • The kids have been painting since 1 o’ clock.
  • Susan has been cleaning since she woke up.
  • Grandma has been tired since she arrived.


We can say from…to and until for the same thing


  • We lived in Australia from 1999 to 2005.
  • We lived in Australia until 2005.
  • I have to babysit from Friday night to Monday morning.
  • I have to babysit until Monday morning.



We use for + a period of time

Example :

Kate has been in hospital for three days. (not Kate has been in hospital since three days)

  • I am going to stay at grandma’s house for a week.
  • I’m sleeping over at Ashley’s house for two nights.
  • We’re going to the spa for the weekend.
  • My family are going on holiday for a month.
  • My uncle stayed at our house for three months.
  • They are going on a school residential trip for a week.
  • My dad has gone on a business trip for a few weeks.
  • My parents have been married for 30 years.
  • Our teacher has been ill for a long time.

From…to, until, since, for Exercises




Use the words given to create a sentence. Use from…to/until/since

• Josh/America/1978/1999

• Susan/Michael/Hong Kong/2002

• Kate/Dominic/married/2001

• Cameron/working/phone company/2005

• Mum/works/Monday/Friday

• I/driving/19 years old

• Weather/sunny/Tuesday

• My brother/watching/television/5 o’ clock




Complete the following sentences using until

• Mum has gone out

• They’ll be away

• Wait here

• I have to work

• I won’t be home

• I’m not talking to her




Challenge: Fill in the missing gap with either until/since/for

• I have known Kate a long time.

• My brother has been playing the piano he was 11 years old.

• I stayed in bed 2pm.

• We had to wait for the bus a hour.

• My family are going on holiday a week.

• Don’t open the window it stops raining.

• I’m going to America 3 weeks.

• I’ve been waiting you.

• I’ve lived on this street I was 2 years old.

• We didn’t sleep midnight.



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