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Table of Contents

Week 1 | English Grammar

Day 1| Auxiliary verbs

Day 2 |Am/is/are

Day 3 |Am/is/are Questions

Day 4 |I am doing (present continuous)

Day 5 |Are you doing? (present continuous questions)

Day 6 |I do/work/like (present simple)(present continuous questions)

Week 2 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I don't... (present simple negative)

Day 2 |Do you...? (present simple questions)

Day 3 |I am doing (present continuous) I do (present simple)

Day 4 |I have... and I've got...

Day 5 |Was/were

Day 6 |Worked/got/went etc (past simple)

Week 3 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I didn't... did you...? (past simple negative and questions)

Day 2 |I was doing (past continuous)

Day 3 |I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple)

Day 4 |I have done (present perfect 1)

Day 5 |I've just... I've already... I haven't...yet (present perfect 2)

Day 6 |Have you ever...? (present perfect 3)

Week 4| English Grammar

Day 1 |How long have you...? (present perfect 4)

Day 2 |For, since, ago

Day 3 |I have done (present perfect) and I did (past)

Day 4 |Is done, was done (passive 1)

Day 5 |Is being done, has been done (passive 2)

Day 6 |Be/have/do in present and past tenses

Week 5| English Grammar

Day 1 |Regular and irregular verbs

Day 2 |What are you doing tomorrow?

Day 3 |I'm going to...

Day 4 |Will/shall (1)

Day 5 |Will/shall (2)

Day 6 |Might

Week 6| English Grammar

Day 1 |Can and could

Day 2 |Must, mustn't, don't, need to

Day 3 |Should

Day 4 |I have to

Day 5 |Would you like...?

Day 6 |Do this! Don't do that! Let's do that

Week 7| English Grammar

Day 1 |I used to...

Day 2 |There is... There are...

Day 3 |There was/were... There has/have been... There will be...

Day 4 |It...

Day 5 |I am, I don't

Day 6 |Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc

Week 8| English Grammar

Day 1 |Too/either/so am I/neither do I etc

Day 2 |Isn't/haven't/don't etc (negatives)

Day 3 |Do they? Is it? Have you?

Day 4 |Forming questions (who/what/why/where/when/which)

Day 5 |What...? Which...? How...?

Day 6 |How long does it take...?

Week 9| English Grammar

Day 1 |Do you know where...? I don't know what... etc

Day 2 |He/she said that... He/she told me that...

Day 3 |Work/working Go/going Do/doing

Day 4 |I want you to... I told you to...

Day 5 |I went to the shop to...

Day 6 |Go to... Go on... Go for... Go -ing... Get…

Week 10| English Grammar

Day 1 |Get...

Day 2 |Do and make

Day 3 |Have...

Day 4 |I/me He/him They/them etc

Day 5 |My/his/their etc

Day 6 |Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc

Week 11| English Grammar

Day 1 |Myself/yourself/themselves etc

Day 2 |A/an...

Day 3 |Singular & plural

Day 4 |The...

Day 5 |Go to...

Day 6 |This/that/these/those

Week 12| English Grammar

Day 1 |Some & any

Day 2 |All/most/some/any/no/none etc

Day 3 |Adjectives

Day 4 |Adverbs

Day 5 |Imperatives

Day 6 |And but or so because

Week 13| English Grammar

Day 1 |When...

Day 2 |If we go... if you see... etc

Day 3 |If I had... If we went... etc

Day 4 |A person who... A thing that/which (relative clauses 1)

Day 5 |How long have you…?(present perfect 4)

Day 6 |For since ago

In, at, on

In, at and on are prepositions.


  • Mum works in a school.
  • Your coat is in the cloak room.
  • Tom is in the car waiting for us.
  • We went swimming and Sally jumped in the water.
  • The football is in the garden.
  • There’s a big Debenhams store in the city centre.
  • My sister is in the kitchen cooking dinner.
  • My brother lives in Australia.
  • Emily is still in bed.
  • My grandma is in the hospital.
  • There are so many stars in the sky.
  • My little brother is in the newspaper because he won an award.
  • Get in the taxi.
  • We have a big fence in our garden.
  • There are so many flowers in the garden.
  • My aunty is going to get married in Dubai.
  • Is Dad waiting for me in the car?
  • Am I in the photograph?
  • Who is that in the middle of me and Emma in the picture?
  • What’s in that bag?
  • What is the biggest country in the world?
  • Are you going in the pool for a swim?
  • Do you live in a big house?
  • Do you like living in the countryside?



  • Meet me at the bus stop in five minutes.
  • I’ll meet you at the train station.
  • Someone is at the door.
  • There were road-works at the traffic lights.
  • The car is parked at the corner shop.
  • Maria is sleeping at Gemma’s house.
  • I have an appointment at the dentist.
  • I am at the hairdressers having my hair dyed.
  • I am going to stay at my grandma’s house net weekend.
  • My sister has a job at the chemist.
  • Josh always does his homework at his desk.
  • Your shoes are at the bottom of your cupboard.
  • Your bag is at the top of your drawers.
  • There were so many people at the swimming gala.
  • I am at the airport.
  • My sister is studying is at Manchester university.
  • I always need a cup of tea at the end of the day.
  • Always right your name and the date at the top of your homework.
  • Where are we meeting at?

We can say in and at for buildings (hospitals/restauruants/museums etc) :



  • Your reading book is on the shelf.
  • The cheese is on the middle shelf on the bridge.
  • Finish the food on your plate.
  • I want to buy table and chairs to put on the balcony.
  • Your phone is on the floor.
  • You need to buy a lamp to put on your desk.
  • We are staying on the 22nd floor in the hotel.
  • Carla is on the bus.
  • I went to the shop on the way back from school.
  • I want to go on a ship.
  • My sister’s drawing is on the fridge door.
  • Don’t forget to write your name on your homework.
  • Don’t sit on the bench, it’s wet.
  • What is there going to be to eat at the party?
  • Did you see Gary at the concert?
  • Who’s that teacher sitting on the bench?
  • Do you know that man who’s on that bicycle?
  • Do you want to sit on a camel when we go on holiday?
  • Are you going to hang your painting on the wall?


In, at, on Exercise





Create 5 sentences using in








Create 5 sentences using at








Create 5 sentences using on








Challenge: Fill in the missing gaps with either in, at or on

• Don’t sit the grass.

• How much do you have your purse?

• What’s written that poster?

• There’s a police car parked Susan’s house.

• What’s your bag?

• There’s a lot of animals Chester zoo.

• Josh’s number is written the phone directory,

• Our house number is the door.

• Someone is knocking the door.

• Someone is the door.

• There are a lot of shops the shopping centre.

• Wait for me the bus stop.

• What’s the table?

• There’s a spider the ceiling,

• The horse is the stable.

• My sister is sitting my bed.




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