Multi-tasking? or Multi-distracting?

Image result for funny Multi-tasking or multi-distracting

Today is Monday. Looks like another busy busy busy day.  Kids are at school and I have been procrastinating about my ‘to do list’ (planning both a hard and soft copy)… But the day is almost starting and I don’t want to feel like I haven’t done nothing.  I want to feel I’ve done a lot of the things that matter. So I don’t want to be distracted. 🙂

So what am I going to do today so that I still feel productive?

I know the answer actually. I won’t multi-task. I will make sure my mind is  in one direction, paying good attention  to one particular task.

Maybe I should get a  real job.. I mean…wait, am I insulting myself?

Let’s try this again.. When I work today, I will make sure I spend my 80% of efforts on those 20% of things that really matter. And I will make sure I am not getting distracted by my phone. I want to be good at it so I really FEEL more productive… I want to FEEL like I am accomplishing much more today.

So I am going to make sure I get those 5 important things done, instead of nothing done.  And I want to remember today as a day when I got so many productive things done.  

My mind is going to be present all day and not just half a day.

So here we go…..because today I am going to focus on those 20% of things that are the most productive.

Gulamhusain Dabhad is a tutor in Bradford