Mobile Phone Distraction: 

Lower Grades linked to

Smartphone Use.

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The mobile phone distracts and eats away children’s most precious study time. With school, madrasah and the mobile phone on a night, what time is left to study for the Muslim child?

Let me explain it.

Most children’s most precious time is GCSE and A levels — specifically, because it determines the routes children take in life. When, say, Facebook and Google grab our children’s time, they’re taking that attention away from their studies.

Research shows, some Muslim children are spending more than two hours and 19 minutes on smart technologies. Other research also suggest that children are on the verge of a mental health crisis.

But weren’t there the same fear-mongering when we were kids about the TV, MSN and the internet?

There is clear evidence that children who keep their phones in the next room out perform those that have their phones with them. Having a mobile, can divert children’s attention within minutes. Notifications, beeps can also divert children’s attention away from studying.

Studies show, children are 27% more productive when they do not have smart phones near them. That is more than a quarter! Training children to better handle the usage of the phone is necessary if we are to avoid impairing children”s performance in life.

Completely disconnecting to the mobile phone during key study hours is advised because it limits their creative minds, it impedes their ability to learn and it causes an addiction.

We will truly only learn about the negative impact on children’s mental health in years to come.


Mobile Phone Distraction: Lower Grades linked to Smartphone Use.

Throughout November, our tutors in Dewsbury, tutors in Bradford and tutors in Batley are reminding students to put their phone away in the next room during studies at home.

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