Muslim Mum: Are we truly free?

I think it’s safe to say that we struggle in our day to day lives – whether it be in education, the workplace, family life or in society itself. Ultimately we must question the birth of this struggle.

Without realising, we adapt ourselves in the hope of seeking acceptance from those around us – we continuously alter the way we speak, dress and act. What has made us stray so far from our roots? The traditions and morals we were once taught have been forgotten in this modern world.

Some may say that we have become so institutionalised that our identity is a blur…..

There is so much emphasis on creating a utopian world, rather than facing the reality of who we truly are. We have lost touch with reality and seek a short term ease to the heart, an injection to the soul – Is there a sense of familiarity with this feeling?

Our addiction to creating a utopian world is destroying our sense of belonging, so we create a façade in order to fit in with society and its expectations. We have lost touch with reality and believe this is the superior way of living. Rather than revealing who we truly are, we conceal our inner selves and blindly conform in society. 

Is this the way it should be?  Should we accept that we are mere puppets of society, where we think we are in control or should we take control of our remaining freedom? Have we stopped to ask ourselves who is pulling the strings and for what reason – we are the products of our ever-changing society. 

Is our freedom authentic or just a myth in this predetermined system?


Kynaath K.

Muslim Mum: Are We Truly Free?