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Muslim Mum: Working Mum or Stay-At-Home Mum?


For a long time, women have struggled with the decision of whether or not to return to work after having children. There has always been a stigma surrounding the image of the mother who is too focused on work and not being present in children’s celebration assemblies. Even the mum staying at home is thought to be lazy. 

Women are required to make the monumental decisions whether to go back to work or stay at home, rearing the children. 

Many Muslim mums feel guilty about leaving their children with child carer providers and not being around for their babies in those early bonding years. Traditionally men return to work without a seed of guilt or at least without the same social prejudice. Perhaps the extension of the paternity laws will eventually increase the importance of gender equality, which has been ingrained in minds for generations.


Commonsense Prevails

Harvard University research claims that daughters of mum’s who worked have a much stronger chance of succeeding in careers, have more balanced relationships than those who stay at home. I do not agree with this research. Working in the most disadvantaged parts of the UK, I deal with mum’s on a daily basis as a team of tutors in Bradford and I see how parents at home increase their children’s school performance all the way to high school. Attending celebration assemblies, picking up the children and having a brisk chit chat with teachers and their assistants all help. There are so many studies out there which say parent’s time and involvement in their children’s education gives those kids an edge over those parent’s who choose to work. And staying at home can help.


Too much time in Child Care Places

More so, there are studies to show, being at home in those early years is far better for children’s emotional development than children being in childcare. And here is a bit of information for full-time working mum’s. There are even studies to say that children staying in childcare for large amounts of time have a higher stress levels and aggression. Nobody can substitute parents. Neither do I mean, keep the children locked up at home, as there are still numerous local options to take children’s out and about. 


Stay Balanced

To work whilst kids are at school and mums returning at 3pm helps too. But a point of advice, mum’s do look out for yourself as well. Take opportunities. You can cover the employment gap by attending courses in Maths, English and Science GCSE which will help you get back into employment when the children are older.


Sadness and Anger

However, other research shows that stay at home mums report more sadness and anger. My advice is every stay-at-home mum must establish a support network, including regular outings with your mum friends to get a much-needed break and prevent mummy burnout. Take care of your own emotional well being is a must to ensure you positively contribute to child. You’re not going to damage your child’ future because you took timely time out.

Muslim Mum: Working Mum or Stay At Home Mum?

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