Parenting Struggles:

Parents Guide to Raising the Right Devil

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Games, cars, money, big houses, and big dreams that will never materialize is that what we are interested in?


Everyday Struggles

Parenting is the greatest commitment of love, patience, and a backbreaking round-the-clock job that receives little credit. It is the most tiring, stressing, emotionally draining job that you can ever imagine. Children are needy from the point they are born. As they are raised, parenting can be awful and wonderful at the same time.

Financial Struggles

Financial problems is a key factor in placing strain on the family, causing unimaginable stress not only on the parent but the emotional and social development of children. Research studies show it leads to hyperactivity and peer problems in children as they carry tension on their shoulders.

Single Parent Struggles

It gets worst for single parents who face severe problems on their own. A single parent has to do the job of TWO parents which can cause mental damage on both the parent and the child. As a previous single parent, I have found that working smarter NOT harder has a significantly positive impact on both the kids and the single parent’s life.

Homework Struggles

What makes it even harder is when a single parent is not only struggling financially but educationally. The inability to help children with homework can cause distress and worry for both members of the family. Everyone knows how important education really is and studies also show that parents without an education are severely disadvantaged in providing useful support and help in the child’s homework. This lack of support causes kids to follow in the footsteps of the parents life causing a similar hard-life in the future, influencing them to walk the harsh uneven gangster life style-path.

Curtail Trends

Judging from my experience, I have helped many children curtail this pattern but what about those children who have no desire to participate in  tuition?

Setting Boundaries

Good modeling, structure, limits and boundaries are qualities expected from parents.

Trouble Maker

Our responsibilities of ensuring that your child is not being the nastiest kid in their class, the child that’s getting regular detention; or intermittently breaking windows of enemies houses in the town and driving Dad’s car illegally as a 16-year-old, and doing everything seedy and shady.


Do you want your child ruined by your lack of attention?

Gulamhusain Dabhad