Standards of Behaviour: Principles of Right and Wrong in families.

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Gossiping, backbiting, breaking promises, cheating, fraud, discrimination and prejudice, are they the negative standard of values we are teaching our children?

The right family values of being; generous, compassion and empathy are only some of the attributes we need to role model in our homes. Parents who successfully show a positive mindset and nurture young people to adopt strong values will raise children who fulfill proper functioning roles in families. Perhaps the falling of family values is due to the rise of individualism; consumerism; family breakdown; crime; drugs and alcohol abuse; and poverty.

Love & Respect

More than love, being considerate is what bonds everyone together.

Respect between brothers and sisters, father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, uncles and aunties, and cousins ought to be consistent. If there is an attribute in one child which is selfish and egocentric – that is when the child does not think about the feelings and needs of others – then parents should spot, nurture and improve this attribute in the child. Failure to address it can lead to a dysfunctional family influenced and misguided by the narcissist.  

Cravings for….

If family members curb craving for things that are unessential, then family conflicts can be reduced. I am not saying live life like a monk, but to live a balanced life where you consider not only your needs but the needs of other members of the family.  People with egocentric personalities – where they have excessive interest in themselves – then perhaps it might not matter to them as they have a clear vision – but as parent you have to act justly and fairly.

Moral Values

Moral values namely: honesty, responsibility, respect, compassion have great importance in family life – if you want to live peacefully with your blood line. Guiding children to be righteous individuals will pay off in later life. It is the the lack of moral values inculcated by parents that has a destructive effect on the harmony of the family especially in retired life.

As an integrated part to the child’s holistic education, strong values should be taught in a practical and applied way which is easy to understand at different stages of the kids lives.

What do you think the key Standards of Behaviour and Principles of Right and Wrong in families are?

Gulamhusain Dabhad works with a team of tutors in Bradford.