As your child progresses through the school years, most parents undoubtedly offer their full support to their children and provide encouragement in things such as attendance and punctuality, completing homework and practicing good behavior. These are all positive attributes which play a major part in your child’s overall performance in school. The encouragement, support and guidance they receive from home is vital for their mental development and also for them to gain confidence in their own abilities.

Therefore when it comes to examinations such as GCSE’s and A Levels it is important that you continue to support your child since these examinations play a great part in determining their future careers. Even though your child is reasonably older at this stage, you still play a vital role in their lives and you will need to ensure they are preparing themselves well for these examinations.

The key is to find the right balance between studying and also leaving aside some time for social activities. Sometimes parents hold too many unrealistic expectations in terms of the amount of revision their child does; and undergoing too many hours of continuous studying each day is going to tire them out, you therefore need to ensure they take regular breaks in between studying and still partake in sports and other social activities. It would be useful to sit together with your child and develop a revision timetable where you both set aside certain hours a day for studying but also incorporate time for little treats in between, for example going out for a burger or ice cream. That way your child will not be over stressed with the work and will appreciate the support you will be showing them.

Sometimes however, in contrast, parents may take too much of a relaxed approach to their child’s studying and rely on them to be sensible enough to organised their own studying times; they may take their word for it when the child claims they have completed the revision for the day. Some children may be efficient, and this is a good thing, however you have to think back to the time when you were a child; if there was no one to check your progress wasn’t it tempting to pretend you had done enough work for the day just so that you could meet up with your friends?!! It is therefore necessary to ensure you are aware of your child’s timetable and study patterns. These are all important things you should bear in mind when dealing with children who are undergoing examinations.

It would be highly beneficial for both you and your child to communicate well with each other during this period. Try to assure them that just like their teachers, you too have their best interests at heart and by encouraging them to do the studying, you are merely attempting to make sure that they build a successful future for themselves. Reassure them that once the exams are over (and they will be over in a matter of weeks) they can enjoy themselves and relax; maybe you can plan a family break away somewhere which will give your child a chance to wind down and at the same time have something to look forward to whilst they are living through the stressful studying period. Every parent wants the best for their child and by understanding their needs and sympathizing and relating to the pressures they are facing, you will positively support them during this stressful period.