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A year 9 student at Improve Tuition was inspired to write creatively using the help of tutors in Bradford.

She woke to the chirping of birds. The younger children lay tangled beside her, their chests rising and falling under their white ragged vests. Besides them, in the same room their mother and father already up farming in the fields. The little children shared a rice sack bedding on the dusty floor by the rotting wall where the mice squeak. Nearby, a toddler whose one leg was curved over the others.

Creeping out from her covers, the eldest of the girls stood up and walked sluggishly towards a squat toilet. On mornings like this, when the sunlight of the winter season becomes very mild and tuk-tuck sounds of rickshaws hooting, the shauchaalay is a nippy place.

She headed outside towards the local water pump, and began to wash the dirt off her face and stopped at intervals to breath in the freshness of the morning air, then dried her face with the hem of her dress.

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Tillers were busy at work out on the fields sowing seeds of hope whilst babies cried in their sacks clung to their backs.

The sounds of chirping and tweeting of birds glided over the top of the breeze that blew the grassy fields and for Aisha the feeling of hope was rising with the sun in the sky, a symbol of lightness, her’s was going to be a different journey.

No longer was she trapped by your narrow expectations, her gender was not her obstacle to take the path of learning as she began her journey to school.

First draft by year 9 student at our tutors in Bradford. 

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