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Whether your child requires 121 tuition or small group tuition, our tutors in Wakefield offer the ultimate improve experience. At an affordable price, our professional tuition are perfect for guiding your child in Maths, English or Science.

From your first point of contact with Improve Tuition, you and your child will be greeted with a dedicated team of professional tutors. Our tutors have a friendly attitude. We pride ourselves on this. But we don’t stop there, all our tutors are chosen for their impeccable fun personalities.

They love their teaching and learning and are ambassadors to Improve Tuition to ensure the best learning occurs in each tutoring session. The standard of professional wide tutors includes, world class tutoring delivered in Wakefield.

Our professionally trained tutors make sure each concept is understood before moving onto new stages. Our tutors performance is regularly monitored and they receive ongoing tutor training. Our really friendly, ease going yet firm tutors ensure that your child keeps improving.

Since we started in 2007, we are completely focused on improving your child. We have all tutors for for all subjects:

  • Maths tutors in Wakefield

  • English tutors in Wakefield

  • Science tutors in Wakefield

  • Private tutors in Wakefield


We ensure that safety is paramount and take steps to ensure possible safety is present at all times.

So whatever your looking for Improve Tuition is the name on everyone’s lips. 

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