Changing the Subject of the Formula

L.O. To be able to rearrange formulae so that a new term is the subject The subject of the formula is simply the letter or term that is placed on the left hand side (LHS) of the formulae. For instance in the following example: Note that in the example given above and in all the formulae you will come across there will be other terms in the formulae itself. For instance in the example above the other term mentioned is p. When the question asks to change the subject pf the formulae, it simply means, change what is on the LHS of the formula. A typical example would ask: Make p the subject of the following formulae: C = 5p + 4

Table of Contents


  • Expressions and Formulae
    • Writing Formulae
    • Solving Formulae
    • Changing the Subject of a Formulae
  • Inequalities
    • Number Lines
    • Solving Inequalities
  • Equations
    • Solving Equations
    • Equations with Brackets
    • Equations with Fraction
  • Graphs
    • Straight Line Graphs ( y = mx + c )
  • Patterns and Sequences
    • Basic Patterns
    • Linear Sequences & nth term
    • Quadratic Equations