Solving Formula

L.O to be able to substitute values appropriately into a formula

When solving formula, you have to understand the formula and simply substitute the correct values appropriately in. For instance with the formula:

You could be given different values of ‘a’ to substitute into the formulae to find C.


Example 1: Use the following formula D = 5c – 7 to find out the value of D when c is 5.





Table of Contents


  • Expressions and Formulae
    • Writing Formulae
    • Solving Formulae
    • Changing the Subject of a Formulae
  • Inequalities
    • Number Lines
    • Solving Inequalities
  • Equations
    • Solving Equations
    • Equations with Brackets
    • Equations with Fraction
  • Graphs
    • Straight Line Graphs ( y = mx + c )
  • Patterns and Sequences
    • Basic Patterns
    • Linear Sequences & nth term
    • Quadratic Equations