Australian Education News :

In Australia, a Melbourne Jewish School Faces criminal investigation for helping an Ex-headmistress escape to Israel.


Indian Education News :

In India,  “Peace Education” has been recommended in the New Education Policy 2015, where religious and cultural diversity of India are taught as part of school curricula.


UK Education News :

A major report has accused th UK government of hunkering down rather than attract international students and that the UK could learn from Germans, who understand the value of international students to the economy.


General :

And finally, are parents, schools, administrators and teachers nourishing the dream of creating unique personalities fired with passion, imagination and talent, or are they producing marionettes from factories? This needs to be deliberated by all stakeholders including the children.


Gulam Dabhad reporting on World Education News 0n 20th November 2015. Gulam directs World Online tutoring services in all countries of the globe.