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Commas Have many uses:

COMMAS IN LISTS: A list is a sentence which contains a series of items or words .commas are used between the items in the list .To separate the words and create a pause affect. However a comma is not used before the final word in the list.

Example  :

Adam liked to eat fish ,chicken ,lamb and prawns.






1. Insert commas in these sentences.

• When I am ill my head hurts my nose runs my body feels hot and my eyes water.

• I like to put cheese chicken tomato green peppers and sweetcorn on my pizza.

• When I went on holiday I liked the sun the beach the food but I liked the hotel the most.

• My favorite authors are David Williams J.K Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson.



2. Finish theses sentences writing your own list of items

• In my school bag I have

• When I went to the zoo I saw

• Some of my favourite hobbies are




Inverted commas and speech marks are the same thing. It is used to show when someone is speaking, so that the readers know which words have been spoken and which words have not. The speech marks are placed at the beginning and at the end of the spoken words.

 “im coming home soon”

A comma also needs to be placed at the end of the spoken words inside the speech marks,to separate spoken and non spoken words    However If the spoken words end with a question mark or an exclamation mark, do not put a comma at the end of the sentence.

Example  :

If the non spoken word is before the spoken word in a sentence the comma will go outside the speech marks ,but at the end of the last word before the speech marks.


Example :

Setting out direct speech (spoken words)

Make sure you start a new line when a new person starts to speak.

Example :

“Why cant I buy this toy?”groaned lucy.

“Because you have been very naughty today,” replied her mother.




1. place inverted commas round the spoken words in the following sentences. Remember to add commas, when needed.

• I had so much fun exclaimed Tony.

• Mum said where are you going?

• Do you want to play with me? shouted Jim from across the room

• Mr Peartree cried look out!



2. In the sentences below Insert all the missing punctuation.(some may not need speech marks)

• Miss Charles exclaimed what is going on

• Sam what are you doing shouted his best friend

• The airport announced our flight is delayed

• The exam is over announced the teacher.




Commas are generally used to separate clauses, words or phrases.

Commas are always placed after adverbs or a adverbial phrase at the start of a sentence. The comma separates the adverb from the main sentence.

Example  :

 Commas are used to separate words in a sentence ,this could be a name a phrase or even yes or no.

Sometimes a sentence may contain a question, a comma is used to separate the main sentence from the question.




1. Create a sentence with a question remember to use a comma to separate.start off with the phrases provided.

Example: your very early, aren’t you?

• We will loose

• Your Jasmine’s friend

• They are the worst foot ball team

• That’s a very exciting ride





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