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At Improve, our aim is to make big improvements in order to make big progress with your children.

Our talent to make significant progress in Maths, English and Science is not by chance – this has been through investing time in children and gaining an abundance of experience. 

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The numerous amount of parental reviews on our service is evidence of the big progress we are able to make with your children. This provides them with confidence  in their abilities to do well and excel in their studies – so why not book a free trial?

| Tutors in Ravensthorpe | Tutors Ravensthorpe | Ravensthorpe Tutors | Tutors near me |

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So partner up with Improve Tuition to handle the tutoring of your child. Whether you are looking for tutors in Ravensthorpe, English tutors in Ravensthorpe, Maths Tutors in Ravensthorpe, Science Tutors in Ravensthorpe, we want to help your child grow and become one of our legendary success stories since 2007.

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“Dream big, work hard, stay focused,  

and surround yourself with good people.”

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A Level Tutors

With support from our A Level tutors, pupils are able to achieve beyond their predicted grades. 

GCSE tutors

Through hard work, our GCSE tutors enable pupils to make outstanding progress. 

SATs Tutors

With our tutors, pupils are able to develop their techniques in reading, writing, SPAG, maths and mental maths.

11 Plus Tutors

We have consistently achieved 100% pupils passes for more than 10 years.


When you book a Free trial, we are able to work out the areas that your children need help in the most. 

Proactive Tutors

We work in a fun, friendly and proactive way which benefits children with their learning.

Schemes to Entice

Our praise and reward schemes help to entice and motivate your children with their learning.

Regular PEP Talk

We provide children with regular PEP talks to develop a natural appetite for learning.


Improve Tuition is committed to helping children reach their goals by personalising their learning experiences, in maths, English and science.

Our strong sense of identifying strengths and weaknesses with children means that we are constantly striving to provide adaptable customised learning. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to teaching and learning. Our prices are affordable so all parents can access tuition.

For Heckmondwike Grammar we achieved 100% success for five consecutive years as well as children starting from grade 4 and improving to grade 9 in English and the success testimonials continue….

These are just some of the reasons why you should use Improve Tuition as your partner in learning.


Improve Tuition provides a fantastic service and the tutors are great with teaching. I was a student at Improve Tuition for 5 years and i believe I was getting my moneys worth. From where i started my journey with Improve Tuition in year 6 all the way to year 11 I was making incredible progress and my grades said it all. The best tuition ever hightly recomended.

 Mohammed Umar

“ My daughter got a place at Greenhead College and passed her GCSE’s with almost all A grades, so we are feeling very pleased and we owe it to the your very bright tutors at the Dewsbury centre who gave our daughter considerable help and guidance. I will keep in touch. ”
Ms Adams
Dewsbury Tuition Centre



Tutor in Ravensthorpe

Tutors in Ravensthorpe

Tuition in Ravensthorpe

Tutoring in Ravensthorpe

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