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Improve has proven itself to be a reliable and trustworthy online tutoring service.

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We provide DEDICATED and EXPERIENCED help in improving you in Math, English and Science in the classroom and in exams.

As expert Tutoring Specialist, we provide specialist online tuition services and local centre tuition that focus on helping to grow, improve, develop and organise your learning. We partner with students, parents, teachers and family to help you through your learning journey.

At Improve Tuition, we are passionate about children’s learning, and we are here to provide and-on-tutor Guidance, Support and Expert Service to help struggling and gifted children organise their learning, raise levels and improve grades and learning.


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 We work along all subjects and in essence, we become your exclusive Trusted Mentor.


Services Included as Standard:

Educational Growth Strategy

Our Improve Tutors will help organise
your education by:
  • Reviewing your current learning
  • Identifying Development opportunities
  • Improving Grade levels
  • Analysing Weaknesses & Improving
  • Mentoring & Motivating you
  • Highlighting areas for Improvement

Plan strategically for the future.

Confidence in Learning

With end to end expertise
we help to:
  • Carry out full Subject assessments
  • Increase Classroom confidence
  • Optimise Study skills
  • Improve Assessment & Exam techniques
  • Introduce Strong Learning habits
  • Improve Time Management

Transform your Learning.

Tutoring Services

With our Tutor expertise we help turn
success into reality:
  • Steer learning to success
  • Improvement & Development
  • Developing Learning & Habits
  • Exam Technique and Success
  • Develop New Study Skills
  • Improving and Passing Assessments

We are here to support you.


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Effective, trusted & affordable Tutors to overcome your Barriers to Learning.

With over 10 years Tuition experiences our specialist Tutors and experts possess an exceptional understanding of working with children aged 5 to 19 years, introducing best learning style and navigating the myriad of challenges that children face. We bring a fresh perspective to your learning, a strong partner for your learning and access to a depth of resources to accelerate your learning.

We take the time to  understand your learning needs, discuss your areas of concern and what you require assistance with, we then devise a strategy on how we can help and make a difference. We help you tackle your frustrations, strategic challenges and barriers to learning.



Start Up Support


Learning Growth Support


Tutor & Learning Support

  • Review & appraise learning plan and levels
  • Provide feedback and recommendations
  • Devise a learning strategy & timeline for success
  • Identify your strengths and route to success
  • Optimise & grow study skills
  • Create a learning mind-set for your success
  • Organise your learning effectively
  • Agree on priority topics, targets and goals
  • Provide assessment reviews
  • Implement study habits and routines
  • Act as an accelerator for your learning.
  • Become your independent Trusted Mentor
  • Appoint an expert Tutor
  • Realise you scope and potential
  • Set timelines, budgets and steps to success.
  • Add value and deliver measurable results
  • Take the hassle and stress away.
  • Provide value for money and improve grades.

Get off to a flying start.

Accelerate your learning growth.

Deliver your Success.

Start growing your tutoring, improving your educational levels, improving subjects, organising your leanring, increasing your grades and passing your exams.

Call us today to discuss your challenges and let us help you achieve your potential.


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“Children fail when they become complacent and imagine that they can not do it. So we are always helping you challenge yourself. Even the most successful students must constantly challenge themselves.” Improve Tuition Ethos.


Centres in West Yorkshire!

 Heckmondwike United Reform Church, High Street, Heckmondwike, WF16 ODY

 Ravensthorpe Community Centre, 24, GardenStreet, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, 

     WF13 3AR

 Batley Old Peoples Centre, Upper Commercial Street, Batley, WF17 5DP 

 Taleem Training & Community Centre, 36 Orchard St, Dewsbury, WF12 9LT

 Khidmat Centre, 36 Spencer Road, Braford, BD7 2EU


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