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I am going to bed

She is very happy

We are going to the shop


These auxiliary verbs can form contractions which can be positive or negative.


Contractions – A contraction is when two words join together to become one and a few letters are removed and is replaced with an apostrophe to form a shorter form.
can’t is the contraction of can not
She’s is the contraction of she is




PronounAuxiliary VerbPositive contraction




Pronoun Auxiliary verb + negativeNegative contraction
IAm notI’m not
HeIs notHe’s not             or        He isn’t
SheIs notShe’s not            or        She isn’t
ItIs notIt’s not              or        It isn’t
WeAre notWe’re not          or        We aren’t
You Are notYou’re not         or        You aren’t
TheyAre notThey’re not       or        They aren’t




I’mI’m going to the supermarket to buy milk and bread.
He’sTom is tired. He’s in bed.
She’sSusan woke up early. She’s gone to work.
It’sIt’s raining cats and dogs.
We’re We haven’t eaten all day. We’re hungry
You’reYou’re seven years old.
They’reThey’re playing in the park.
I’m notI’m not happy with your behaviour.
He’s notHe’s not tired from playing all day.
He isn’tHe isn’t feeling sick today.
She’s notShe’s not going to Anna’s house.
She isn’tShe isn’t interested in documentaries.
It’s notI think that it’s not good to eat too much chocolate.
It isn’tIt isn’t sunny today.
We’re notWe’re not happy with the weather today.
We aren’tWe aren’t  going to Emma’s party.
You’re notYou’re not taking Josh to Lucy’s house, I am.
You aren’tYou aren’t allowed to come downstairs until you’ve made your bed.
They’re notThey’re not listening to me.
They aren’t They aren’t suppose to be playing in the park unsupervised.


Contractions of – is


that’s – that is

there’s – there is

here’s – here is



That’sThat’s very nice of you.
There’sThere’s so much food on the table.
Here’s Here’s your homework.



Am/Is/Are Exercises..


1.Complete the following table.


PronounAuxiliary VerbShort form/Contraction
I I’m not         or
He He isn’t      or
She She isn’t     or
It It isn’t         or
We We’re not     or
You You’re not    or
They They’re not   or



Try writing your own sentences using the long form and the short form.


2. Fill in the missing gaps by writing am, is, are or are.


  • It ____ cold today.

  • The watermelons ____ heavy.

  • I ____ going to town

  • She ____ very happy today.

  • They ____ good at swimming.

  • My mum ____ a teacher


3. Complete the sentences by using the contractions/ short forms/


  • Toby is very tired. ________ going to sleep early today.

  • ________ very sunny today. I want to go to the park for ice cream.

  • ________ happy about Lucy’s report from school.

  • Susan is coming to our house to borrow a top. ________ coming at 8 o’ clock.

  • ________ proud of you for winning the competition.


3. What are the longer forms for.


  • There is = _________

  • Here is = __________

  • That is = ___________


Challenge: Use the correct forms of am/is/are to complete the paragraph.


Yesterday I went to town. I told Sarah to come but she said no. ______ always too busy. So I rang Tom and asked him to come. He said, ” _______ very nice of you to ask me but ____ not feeling well. Who are you going with?” I replied saying, ” ______ going with my daughter. ______ three years old. _______ going to town and then _______ going to the park.



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