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If we go… If you see… etc

‘If’ can be used at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle of a sentence.


  • If you don’t clean your room, you’re now allowed to go out.

  • If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll be hungry.

  • If you don’t drink water, you will feel dehydrated.

  • If my phone rings, answer the call.

  • If we go to Liverpool on the train, it will be quicker than going in the car.

  • If they don’t hurry up, we’re all going to be late.


  • Order some food if you’re hungry.

  • We’ll miss the train if you take your time getting ready.

  • We’re going to be late for school tomorrow if you wake up late again.

  • I’m going on holiday if I get a good deal.

  • I’m taking my nieces to the cinema if their mum allows me.

  • I’ll give you five pounds if you clean my room for me.


Sometimes we use the ‘If…’ part of the sentence alone.


Are you coming with us to town tomorrow?Yes, if I wake up early.
Are you going to the concert?Yes, if I can get a ticket.
Are you getting the bus to school?Yes, if my dad can’t give me a lift.


After if, we use the present


More examples with ‘if…':


  • If you see Gemma, can you tell her that I’m looking for her. (see is the present, you don’t say ‘if you will see)

  • If I’m late to school, please can you tell the teacher it’s because there’s loads of traffic.

  • If I wake up early, we can go to Manchester on the train.

  • If I feel better tomorrow, then I will come to Susie’s party.

  • If I have to babysit my brother on Saturday, I won’t be able to go to Kate’s sleepover.

  • What shall we do if it rains?

  • If it rains, are we still going out?

  • If you behave, I will buy you a new game.



If and when


  • If I go out… = It is possible that I will go out , but I’m not sure

  • When I go out… = I’m going out for sure




  • If I go out, I will clean my room.

  • When I go out, I will clean my room.


Comparing ‘if’ and ‘when’


  • When I come back from football, I’m going to have a hot shower.

  • When we go out tomorrow, I’m going to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

  • If the bus comes and I’m not there, don’t wait for me. (not when the bus come…)

  • If the weather is nice on the weekend, we’ll take the kids to the park. (not when the weather…)

  • We’re going to drive to Paris if it doesn’t snow. (not when it doesn’t snow…)

  • We’re going to meet up with Emma if we go to Blackpool.


If we go… If you see… etc Exercises


  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, ________________________________________________

  • If my Emma rings me, _________________________________________________________________

  • If I don’t come to school tomorrow, _____________________________________________________

  • If we run to the bus stop, _____________________________________________________________

  • If my brother can drive us to the airport, _________________________________________________

  • ______________________________________________if you’re thirsty.

  • ______________________________________________ if you wake up early.

  • ______________________________________________ if the weather is nice.

  • ______________________________________________ if you don’t clean your bedroom.

  • ______________________________________________if it begins to rain.



  1. Fill in the missing gap with either when or if.


  • ____________ I wake up early tomorrow, I’m going to go to the corner shop before school.

  • ____________ I wake up late, I always feel more tired.

  • ____________ we get tickets, we’re going to go to the concert.

  • ____________ my brother can give us a lift to the train station, we don’t have to leave the house early.

  • ____________ I come back from swimming, I’m always really hungry.


Challenge: Write down the difference between if and when. Then create your own 4 sentences to compare if and when.


The difference between if and when is:

If means _______________________________________________________________________

When means ___________________________________________________________________


  • _______________________________________________________________________________

  • ________________________________________________________________________________

  • ________________________________________________________________________________

  • ________________________________________________________________________________


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