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In the present tense we use ‘am/is’. In the past tense we use ‘was’.



I am happy,She is happy = present tense

I was happy = past tense


In the present tense we use ‘are’. In the past tense we use ‘were’.



You are early = present tense

You were early = past tense


Positive sentences Example:
I WasI was upset.
HeWasHe was shy.
SheWasShe was late to work.
ItWasIt was sunny yesterday.
WeWereWe were tired.
You WereYou were hyper yesterday.
TheyWereThey were hungry earlier on.



Negative sentences Example:
IWas not / wasn’tI was not happy with what Lucy said about me.
HeWas not / wasn’tHe wasn’t hungry.
She Was not / wasn’tShe wasn’t screaming at you.
ItWas not / wasn’tIt wasn’t cloudy yesterday.
WeWere not / weren’tWe weren’t afraid of the scary looking dog.
YouWere not / weren’tYou weren’t nice to your teacher.
TheyWere not / weren’tThey weren’t at school yesterday



Questions Example:
WasIWhat age was I when I started walking?
WasHeWas he sleeping during our English lesson?
WasSheWas she at school today?
WasItWas it raining in the morning?
WereWeWere we late to school yesterday?
WereYouWhen were you going to tell me that we’re going on holiday?
WereTheyWere they expensive?


Short answers:

  • For I/he/she/it – Yes, ____ was or No, _______ wasn’t.



Yes, I was. No, I wasn’t.

Yes, she was. No, she wasn’t.


  • For we/you/they – Yes, _____ were or No, _______ weren’t



Yes, they were. No, they weren’t.

Yes, we were. No, we weren’t.



Was/were Exercises..


  1. Write either was/were next to the pronoun.


  • I _______

  • He ______

  • She ______

  • It _______

  • We ______

  • You _______

  • They ______


2. Next to each sentence write whether it is in the present tense or past tense.


  • I am happy. __________________________________

  • She was not upset. ____________________________

  • He was angry. ________________________________

  • They are crying. ______________________________

  • We were late to school. _______________________

  • You are late to school. ________________________

  • I was not feeling well. ________________________

  • My mum was tired. __________________________


  1. Write the either was/were in the gap. Change the following sentences into negative sentences.


  • I ___ hungry. ______________________________________________________________________

  • He ___ excited to go on holiday. _______________________________________________________

  • She ___ scared of her teacher. _________________________________________________________

  • It ___ raining all morning. _____________________________________________________________

  • We ___ happy because we have school tomorrow _________________________________________

  • You ___ crying because mum shouted at you. ____________________________________________

  • They ___ early. ____________________________________________________________________



Challenge: Create an interview for someone in your family, a friend or a neighbour.


Begin by writing 10 questions of your choice. (You can write more questions if you want)

You should have at least 6 questions starting with were/was.

Remember you can use where/why/who/how/when/what before were/was to form questions.


Some examples:

Where were you born?

Do you have a sister?

If the person replies ‘yes’, you could ask ‘Was she naughty as baby?’



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